Talking to Monocle - The Globalist, 17 April 2014

We analyse the state of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, preview today’s elections in Algeria, discuss the business news in Prague, and review the morning newspapers with Staffan Sonning of Swedish Radio.

Talking to BBC Radio 5 Up All Night early this morning about the Houthi conflict and context of the recent oil pipeline attack.

The first Yemeni film to be nominated for an Oscar recounts one of the bloodiest days in the country’s uprising of 2011. Sara Ishaq’s short documentary, Karama Has No Walls, provides a poignant memorial to the 53 demonstrators killed in Sana’a by snipers on March 18, 2011. The bravery of all who contributed to making this heart-rending film ensures the protesters who died in Yemen’s revolution can never be forgotten. Read more