A picture I took on Thursday of Yemeni soldiers walking alongside protesters after they’d stepped aside and allowed them through the security cordon outside the US Embassy in Sana’a on September 13.

Was the security lapse at the US embassy in Sana’a a move by Yemen’s former president to show America who still calls the shots?

Yemen’s children caught in food crisis

The crisis is testing the West’s commitment to Yemen, whose leaders have been fighting an al-Qaeda faction here in cooperation with the U.S. military. Al-Qaeda has tried to win the loyalties of villagers by providing them food and improving living conditions.’

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Cartoon, drawn by Abdul elah Haider Shaye’s friend, Kamal Sharaf. The words above the cartoon read: Freedom for the Journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye.

Anyone who follows this blog will know I’ve been bleating on about the imprisonment of Yemeni journalist Abdul-Elah Haider Shaye for some time, having written about his case three times for Index on Censorship and on my Frontline Club blog.

Now The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill has brought his case to the attention of US media by giving a detailed account of how Shaye came to be in jail and why the US government is determined to keep him there:

Why is President Obama keeping a journalist in prison in Yemen?